How To Get Rid Of Your Old Hot Tub

Is your old hot tub a misfit to your new home? Or you want to replace it because it is now impossible to repair? No matter whatever the reason is, removing an old hot tub is a tricky task. But, don’t worry, this blog post will help you figure out the possible solution for you, so continue reading to learn more!

1. Preparations To Be Done Before Removal

Always follow these instructions before removing your hot tub.

  • Disconnect the hot tub entirely before getting it out of its place. That means closing the power supply, gas, and water supply, and letting the tub dry completely.
  • Clear the path before removing the tub so that you can avoid any complications or mishaps.
  • Follow all the necessary precautions for your protection.

2. Get A New Hot Tub In Replacement Of The Old One

A quick and beneficial method of removing your hot tub is selling it to your local hot tub store that you originally purchased the hot tub. And in replacement, you can ask for a new one with little addition of money. You never know; maybe your old hot tub can get you a good amount of money. Also, it makes you stay sure that your hot tub is in safe hands. Your local store will surely take care of it while being eco-friendly.

3. Sell The Old Hot Tub

If you’re unable to find any dealer giving the option of trade-in then, the other option is to sell it. But, make sure that the hot tub is in a condition of selling. No one wants to spend money on something that cannot be used.

Sell it to someone you know who needs one. Or, there are many no-fee sites where you can look for customers, such as Facebook and Craigslist.

4. Trash It

If the hot tub is not reusable, giving it away for free might cause issues. Think about it, why would someone want to get it for free if they have to spend huge money on its repair. You’ll probably end up seeing your donation in the dump, which is not an eco-friendly way to remove your hot tub. To trash your hot tub, cut it into pieces and dump it into your trash can. In fact, we consider this method very pocket-friendly. And you can do this on your schedule. But, keep this in mind, not all parts of the hot tub are for trash. You can sell its reusable components for some amount of money.

5. Junk Your Old Hot Tub

The easiest way to remove your useless hot tub is to junk it. Within a blink of your eye, you can find many junk removal companies willing to help with the removal. They’ll come to your place, load the hot tub in their truck, and drive away to be disposed of or donated correctly. You won’t even remember the hot tub was there in the first place! They’ll recycle it or either dump it into the landfill.

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