How to Clean the House of a Hoarder: The Complete Guide to Simplify It

Behind seemingly tidy homes and freshly mowed lawns, compulsive hoarding waits in secret. Recommend us!

It all starts with those cravings that come at unexpected times. For example, when we walk around and see novelty items, we acquire them because we know they will be appropriate for the home. However, when you least expect it, the objects pile up.

Entering these homes can be pretty overwhelming. Considerable overcrowding and mountains of randomly strewn bio waste or garbage overflow every space until the day comes when they cannot live in their own homes.

At Vets Haul Junk, we offer a specific and professional service for accumulator households. In addition to the large number of items we have to sort, we also deal with biological waste thanks to specialized equipment.

That is why we bring you tips for cleaning the house and properly storing all the items so that everything looks friendly and organized.


Sort The Items

Before you begin, you may need to gather storage containers, shelves, boxes, and labels.

Start by labeling boxes or bags that identify what you want to keep, what is trash, and what you want to donate. Next, you will probably need to make space to stack items to figure out what to do with them.

Categorize what you want and what you don’t want. You can start the pile of things you don’t want with something easy to decide on, such as expired food products or dead plants. Finally, discuss where the things you will keep will go. These things can be a specific room in the house or a storage unit.


Ventilate The House

Open all windows and doors to create drafts that renew the air inside the house. This task is essential to regulate humidity levels and keep odors at bay.

Ventilating the house is a cleaning task that you should perform daily.

Clean The Kitchen

Start cleaning with the most problematic area and the one that presents the most significant difficulty: the kitchen. First, remove all the products and kitchenware from the cupboards.

You can place them on the table while you clean them. At Vets Haul Junk, we use special detergents to disinfect the home.


Clean The Living Room

The living room is one of the areas that gets the least amount of dirt, but in a hoarder household, it is usually where the most debris accumulates. Take the opportunity to remove all those objects you do not use.

Take the opportunity to clean the fabric or leather sofas, to air and clean the carpets. We advise you to wash all washable textiles such as tablecloths, cushions, curtains, etc.


Clean The Bathroom

The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the house areas that require the most care and cleaning. It is because it is prone to accumulate bacteria and microorganisms dangerous to human health. Therefore, you must be clear that in the bathroom, disinfection is crucial.


Clean The Bedrooms 

In the bedrooms, it is essential to remove objects from the drawers and get rid of everything that is not useful. It is also necessary to clean the closet, recycle all the clothes you do not use, and eliminate those objects that only take up space.

At Vets Haul Junk, our responsibility is to recycle, reuse and donate whenever possible. We regularly donate items to local churches and charities in Virginia.


Sweep And Mop The Floors

Finally, it is time to sweep the floors, remove all the dust, and mop each room with the product best suited for it. First, of course, you must leave them well disinfected.

At Vets Haul Junk, our mission is to provide professionalism and precision junk removal in Virginia. We are experienced in helping apartment and property managers, real estate agents, and homeowners with our property and estate cleaning services.

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